Kids / Tweens / Teens Need Self-Care Too!

Kids / Tweens / Teens Need Self-Care Too!

The topic of self-care has become a subject that has garnered more attention in recent years. While adults have primarily been the focus of self-care, it is important to point out that self-care is essential for ALL of us, regardless of age.  Furthermore, self care activities for kids has become all the more important for school-aged children, who have now been living under the stressful pandemic / everchanging life in the last couple of years. 


Self-care in it of itself refers to taking the time to care for ourselves (relaxing, meditating, bathing, exercising, partaking in an self-enjoyable activity, etc.).  Its’ meaning refers to purposefully focusing on our needs, for our overall well-being.  For all of us . . . a little pampering, can go a long way!


There is hard evidence that those who practice daily or weekly self-care habits, are better able to manage emotions and handle stress, worry, and anxiety.  This altogether can lead to lowering heart rates, better sleep, improved immunity, and other physical health benefits.  The aforementioned are applicable not only to adults, but also to kids. 


Self care activities for kids may include taking small quiet/reading breaks, creative and thoughtful activities, walks and/or other forms of exercise, and even includes instilling healthy skinlove habits – teaching our children to “pamper” themselves a little bit.  This may include using a special kid’s bath sponge that gently washes, creates rich lather, and pampers their face and body.  Pampering may also include using ultra-soft, luxurious kid’s towels, or kid’s bath robes, or even special kids skincare accessories, and/or skincare products just for kids – to make them feel special.  All of these items are small but offer a bit of luxury and attention to our children’s overall self-care. 


Our purpose in the SoChok Skinlove brand, is to help teach our children another means of really taking care of themselves – both from a physical standpoint, as well as a through mental/self-care.  Using quality products that are effective and protective, while also enabling them to enjoy and relax in the experience, is integral in their overall health and well-being - just the same as teaching them to care for themselves through healthy eating and/or exercise. 


Additionally, providing a sense of independence in practicing skinlove habits is also a beautiful gift to our children.  They learn about taking care of themselves and learn to do so independently – further boosting their confidence and self-esteem.  Getting into these habits at an earlier age can make it much easier in the long run.  Just think of all those long ugly battles of brushing out the knotted hair tangles, the constant reminders of teeth brushing for good dental hygiene and fresh breath, reminders of face washing/applying lotion/applying sunscreen, being sure to lotion after bath time . . . much of these challenges have been quieted over time by instilling these habits at an early age.  By instilling these habits at an early age, we also help our children to better understand the need to take time and care for themselves, and the overall benefits of healthy self-care.   All of this will ultimately lead to happier, healthier, more well-adjusted children. 


While there are many ways to practice healthy self-care, skinlove is just another tool to do so.  We hope that your children are learning, enjoying, and will truly be excited about this wonderful introduction into self-care.   



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