SoChok Strengthens & Supports

SoChok Skinlove’s founders & owners, Keri Bougie & Christopher Bateman (himself a licensed marriage & family therapist [MFT]), are long-time, firm believers in the positive impact that mental/emotional therapy can have on everyone, most especially for kids & families. 

Both Keri & Chris lost a parent when they were teenagers and have also navigated traumatic events, which have only strengthened their faith in the power that mental/emotional therapy and support can provide. 

In creating SoChok Skinlove, both Keri & Chris wanted a way to intertwine the SoChok Skinlove mission (to cultivate healthy skincare and selfcare habits, at an earlier age) with also giving back to kids/tweens/teenagers & families.  Through using “ShoppingGives,” a percentage of SoChok Skinlove sales automatically goes to support 5 intentionally selected non-profit organizations that are especially focused on mental/emotional therapy for kids/tweens/teens & families. 

We know that all consumers have an expansive array of companies and brands to support, with an infinite variety of products to choose from.  As consumers ourselves, we try to intentionally select and support those businesses with causes that we also strongly believe in.  With your SoChok Skinlove purchase(s), we extend a huge gratitude to you, for helping to support a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts.  Thank you.


Organizations That We Support


Child Mind Institute, Inc.
New York, NY 10022
San Mateo, CA 94403

Child Mind Institute

Nationally renowned organization for difficult cases related to child and family mental health, founded in 2012.  Provide a wealth of information/support/programs and services especially for children, families, schools, and communities.  Treatments include behavioral therapy, parent management training, exposure & response prevention.  School and community programs have impacted over 9,000 schools, and include such services as prevention, intervention, and professional training for educators and school-based mental health professionals. 


Child Therapy Institute [formerly the Child Therapy Institute of Marin]
San Rafael, CA 94901

Founded in 1992 enable affordable psychotherapy for children and families.  Therapy for children includes play therapy, sandplay therapy, verbal therapy, and expressive arts therapy.  This organization also provides select school-based services.  Parent coaching, parent-child therapy, and co-parent counseling are also provided.


North Carolina Infant Young Child Mental Health Association
Raleigh, NC 27615

“A multidisciplinary association of professionals working to promote nurturing relationship for infants, young children and their families.” 


New York Association for Play Therapy
Latham, NY 12110

Association for Play Therapy, Inc. (APT) was founded in 1982, and is a national organization.  New York Association for Play Therapy is a chartered state branch of the Association for Play Therapy; the NY branch was chartered in 1996.  Mission is to provide specialized training & information on play therapy.  Goals are: “provide ongoing professional development, training/research/development of play therapy materials, provide a forum for communication regarding play therapy, inform and educate the general public and mental health community, encourage participation of families in play therapy, and advocate for children and their families.”