Where are your skincare products made?
All of our skincare products are formulated in the United States, specifically in the state of California. 

Are there synthetic preservatives that are used in SoChok Skinlove products?
No, we use all natural preservatives in our formulations and these formulations are further tested by a 3rd party lab, to be sure that the natural preservatives are effective.  

What does “clean” skincare mean? 
“Clean” skincare nowadays can refer to a broad range of natural/safe ingredients, even to those that aren’t so “clean.”  We have researched the strictest of “clean” lists and specially formulated our products to adhere to the strictest guidelines currently recognized in the industry.  This includes being free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, glycols, formaldehydes, mineral oils, nanoparticles, sunscreen chemicals, and artificial fragrances.  

Are SoChok Skinlove products safe for my kids/tweens/teens to use? 
SoChok Skinlove products have been specially formulated for kids, tweens, and teens, using only the safest ingredients – no harsh chemicals or ingredients, and no synthetic fragrances or parfums are used.  All of our ingredients are listed on our products, and additional information on these ingredients is available in the “Ingredients Glossary” of our web-site.  Though we have gone through rigorous testing of our products by outside certified labs, we still recommend performing a patch test before use.

Are adults able to use SoChok Skinlove products? 
Absolutely!  If you're looking for simple products without a lot of extra's (anti-aging, exfoliant, retinol specific ingredients), or if you are looking for products simply for sensitive skin, our products are perfect!  

 How do I perform a patch test on the skin?
All SoChok Skinlove products should be tested on each individual, prior to use.  Additionally, please refer to the list of ingredients prior to use, to be sure that there are no ingredients that are known to personally be allergens. 

  • Apply a very small amount of product directly onto a small, clean area of the forearm. 
  • Keep the area dry and do not rinse the applied product from the skin, for a 24 hour period
  • Discontinue use if any passed and no redness, burning, itching, or irritation occurs within the 24 hour testing period of time.

Are any of your products tested on animals?
No!  Our products are cruelty-free – never tested on animals, and we are certified by Leaping Bunny.

How should SoChok Skinlove products be stored?
Products should be stored in a cool, dry place – direct heat/sunlight can damage or degrade the products. 

The pump is not pumping out product, but there's more than enough product inside . . . is it broken?
No, the pump is not broken despite product not being dispensed.  Our packaging was carefully selected to be 100% recyclable and is an "airless pump" system.  The packaging itself is at the forefront of cosmetic packaging sustainability, being made of a mono-material, meaning that each component of the bottle and pump is 100% PP (polypropylene plastic) - a material that is optimal for recycling.  The pump functionality of such airless packaging may result in air-bubbles being trapped within the container (this occurs when the packaging is filled with actual product).  Therefore, the pumping with no resulting product being dispensed is a result of these "air" pockets being expelled . . . please just continue to pump a few more times and this should allow the pump to dispense product.  Sometimes it may take 5-7 pumps at first, to begin to have product be pumped out; this is also a result of air entering the packaging when it is first filled with product . . . please just continue to pump and this should allow the pump to dispense product.  While we can understand that this might be frustrating at times, we hope you can understand our focus with this select packaging - to be very intentional with regards to SoChok's carbon footprint.