Kid's/Tween's/Teen's Skin Myths Debunked!

Kid's/Tween's/Teen's Skin Myths Debunked!

Kids/Tweens/Teens Skin Myth’s Debunked!


Kids/tweens/teens do not need to wash their faces like adults do.

FALSE!  Kids/tweens/teens are exposed to the same environmental pollutants during the day that adults are exposed to and therefore it is just as important to “wash the day away” on their faces, as they do for the rest of their body parts.  Additionally, kids/tweens/teens likely are exposed to more germs during the day (school & activities) & some may even sweat more than adults (by running & playing outside).  Because kids/tweens/teens are so young, they also likely touch their faces throughout the day more so than adults do, and therefore their faces are even dirtier or more “germy” than adults . . . all the more reason to wash their faces at the end of the day!  As for the mornings, after a long-nights sleep, kids/tweens/teens also sweat throughout the night while sleeping and the natural oils in their skin naturally excrete throughout the night, just as happens to adults while they sleep.  That being said, it is just as important for kids/tweens/teens to wash their faces twice a day, as it is for adults to do.     


Kids/tweens/teens do not need to moisturize their faces. 

FALSE!  Most kids/tweens/teens do not drink enough water throughout the day, so the need to seal in the moisture in the skin is especially important.  Just like adults, kid’s/tween’s/teen’s faces also get dry in the winter or with the change in the season.  After washing their faces and/or getting out of the shower, it is also important to add moisturizer to their faces and bodies when they are slightly damp, as this helps to seal in the light moisture already present from being in the bath/shower. 


If kids/tweens/teens have oily skin, they do not need to use a moisturizer.

FALSE!  Even kids/tweens/teens that have oily skin need to use a light moisturizer.  When you wash your skin it can strip the skin of the existing oils/moisturizer, which are essential in maintaining a healthy skin barrier of protection.  If you continue to strip the skin, without moisturizing, the body may make more oil to try to compensate for the dryness of the skin.  A light moisturizer will in some ways, help your body from overly producing more oil. 


SPF for kids/tweens/teens every day is not necessary.

FALSE!  The sun’s rays cause damage to the skin even when the sun isn’t visible during the day.  Kids/tweens/teens are exposed to the sun more so than adults, as they are active and are outside more frequently than adults.  Continuous exposure of the ultraviolet rays does damage to the underlying skin, which will ultimately surface to the skin when kids/tweens/teens get older . . . the skin has perfect memory 😊.  Therefore, protecting the skin from sun damage and being consistent about it, results in happy, healthier, better-looking skin in the long run. 


Kids/tweens/teens don’t need a skincare routine . . . they’re just kids/tweens/teens.

FALSE!  Generally speaking, it takes anywhere from 18 days or more to form habits and to have them “stick.”  We even begin to “sleep” train or form sleeping habits for babies as early as 3 months old!  These habits help to establish regular healthy sleep patterns for babies, as well as healthy eating schedules/habits for them.  As kids age, we also begin to instill other regular habits for nighttime and mornings (changings, feeding, snacks, story-time, etc.) . . . this helps kids to know what to expect and what needs to happen throughout the morning/day/evening.  The same is true for skincare routines . . . if we develop these early on, instill the idea of treating our skin kindly and taking good care of it, and developing healthy skincare habits from an earlier age . . . they will come to understand and appreciate the importance of a healthy skincare routine and will continue this self-care for life. 


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